Sunday, November 1, 2009

Anglican Vespers and Benediction on Radio 3

from All Saints Church, Margaret Street, can be heard here for the next 7 days.



  1. The nearest thing to pre-Vatican II Anglo-Catholicism you are likely to find. Perhaps some will revert to the Tridentine Missal as was their wont at one time. Their missal totally in English - no 39 Articles and prayers for pope as pastor inter pares. They, even now, could teach our average parish a thing or two about appropriate liturgy.

  2. I have to give the Anglican this -- they really do vespers well. I think it was the first time when my mother and I were together in England, that we just happened to stop in at St. Pauls on the same day we'd visited to the Tower. We had the unexpect treat of vespers. Some years after, we'd run across a Christmas video done about the Choristers of King's College Cambridge. It's still a favorite holiday treat.


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