Sunday, January 2, 2011


My blog statistics are usually pretty modest - couple of hundred visits a day. I just thought I'd let my readers know about those for the past month. My posting on the reception of former anglican bishops appears to have been a bit of a scoop (thanks to having received a forwarded email from a friend of mine in another part of the world) scoring almost 3,300 page views so far. This is followed in second place by Bishop Sample's introduction of the Extraordinary Form Mass here at St Peter Cathedral scoring 1,,680 page views.

The big three referrers are Damian Thompson, Fr Z, and New Liturgical Movement. But if you join the two graphs of referals from The Anglo-Catholic, these outnumber those from New Liturgical Movement. Other referrers are shown below:

Thanks to all those who have referred.

Does anyone know what has happened to Sitemeter? It has stopped functioning (at least for me) since Christmas Day. Here's how it looks for the past month:
I have emailed sitemeter but have not received a reply.


  1. Try re-installing the code. It happened to me once, and it has to do with edits and things.

    I know that seems simple, but it worked for me.

  2. Thank you - and what a great blog you have. A link in my sidebar for you.


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