Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another first-hand account of today's momentous events at Westminster Cathedral

"We had a wonderful day in Westminster Cathedral. Actually only 3 out of the 5 Anglican Bishops were received into the Catholic Church today and also the 3 Anglican Nuns. The other 2 Anglican Bishops will be received in their own dioceses later this month.. These 3 bishops today will be ordained as priests later in January according to one of them whom I spoke to. [This confirms what I wrote here.] I spoke to the NOW 3 former Anglican Bishops and to the 3 nuns. They were absolutely full of joy; their faces radiated with this joy.

"Actually Sr Wendy was really blown away with the whole event; she even gave the thumbs up as she descended the steps of the altar after being Confirmed with the Chrism Oil. The 3 nuns are: Sr Jane, Sr Caroline, Sr Wendy.

"Bishop Alan Hopes was the Chief Con-celebrant with Bishop George Stack in attendance with around 10 priests. Around 300 people turned out for this historic occasion. I met quite a few Anglicans there including one priest who told me that himself and his 70 parishioners are all hoping to join the Catholic Church under the new Ordinariate Angelorum Coetibus. Newman most certainly has paved the way....................!"

The names of the former bishops are Andrew Burnham, Keith Newton, and John Broadhurst.

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  1. Father, that was a lovely and rather sweet slip of the pen: "Non Anglicanorum, sed Angelorum". God bless them all!

  2. 300 or 3000?!

    Anyway, many congratulations to those Bishops and Nuns! Great news to start 2011.


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