Saturday, January 1, 2011

Further news on the Ordinariate: Ordinations

Following my post yesterday I have received information to the effect that three of the five former Anglican bishops received into the Catholic Church this morning will be ordained to the diaconate on January 13th and then to the priesthood two days later on January 15th, all pointing towards the setting up of an Ordinariate for England and Wales in the first half of January. Let's see. As others have put it: "It's actually happening."


  1. Great news. Would be good to know the details of the ordinations.

  2. Greetings, Father, and happy new year!
    I was at the reception, and can state that only three former bishops were received, whose who had been active 'flying bishops' until recently. There were in addition some of their families, and the three sisters from Walsingham.

  3. Brilliant. God bless them in their ministry ahead. Thanks Fr. Sean for the account of their reception.
    This could shape up to be a momentous year.


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