Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm sorry....

but this...

... is an abomination.

(From Damian Thompson's blog.)


  1. It looks like something from the Witches of Eastwick.

  2. How dare you be so nasty and prejudiced.

  3. I am surprised by your rather nasty tone. Respect what others believe, please.

  4. But this is only what I believe! But you call me nasty and prejudiced. Is that how you show respect for my beliefs and those of the previous commenters?

  5. Looks more like a fashion contest than a spiritual affair. Sorry, have to give it a thumbs down!

  6. Last summer, the "Byshop" in that pic, Schori, almost "consecrated" a new bishop in a *CATHOLIC CHURCH* as part of an Episcopal celebration. (They were going to use the Church for space reasons).

    I was informed and blogged about it (
    [There are several posts about it.

    It was eventually moved... but somewhat reluctantly. On top of that, ever since I have been "disliked" by the Chancery, and probably the Archbishop. But I agree... abomination.

    That being said, please pray for us in the ArchD of Anchorage. We need prayers... and good priests...

  7. 'Nasty' because you used the word 'abomination' when describing a woman who loves God with all of her heart, all of her soul, all her strength and with all of her mind. The word 'abomination' should be reserved for extreme situations - the use of torture, our failure to feed the world, for example. I am very intersted in conservative roman catholic thought and found your response to my posting equally interesting. You assumed that you are under attack because of your belief. There is, was no attack from me. I just find it very sad that you conflate all things you disagree with as 'abominations'. Just think, when you celebrate mass there will be those in your congregation who will have no difficulty accepting a woman priest, or bishop for that matter. An abomination?

  8. Conflate all things I disagree with as 'abominations'? No. I referred to this particular issue. How do you expand that to "all things"?

    If there are those in my congregation who disagree with the Catholic Church on this issue, does that make them right? Truth is not determined by majority.

    It's not the woman who is the abomination but the act of usurping pastoral authority and power in the name of Christ when Christ gave no such authority to the Church, as the Catholic Church teaches. The people are deceived, led astray, led into error and falsehood, and the father of such error and lies is you-know-who. Woe upon anyone who manipulates the Word of God for their own purposes. Christ did not call women to assume pastoral care in the Church as priests or bishops. Man is not free to re-interpret the express will of Christ for His Church.

    I'd prefer not to be labelled as "conservative". I'm just trying to be a faithful Catholic. If you are a Catholic too, I pray that you also may seek the same goal in fidelity to Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition as interpreted for us by the Sacred Magisterium.


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