Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bishop Michael Evans

Father Ray Blake directs us to a letter from Bishop Evans to the people of his diocese of East Anglia. He has only weeks to live according to his physicians. He writes:
As I live now under the shadow of death, my prayer is very much that of St Paul that I may know something of the power of Christ’s resurrection and a share in his sufferings, trusting that the Lord is with me. I pray that even now I can joyfully witness something of the good news we are all called to proclaim.

Before becoming Bishop of East Anglia he was a priest of my own archdiocese of Southwark. Whilst Vice Rector of St John's Seminary Wonersh he was on the selection panel that approved my application to be a candidate for training for the priesthood. He then became a very dedicated parish priest at Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

Please keep Bishop Evans in your prayers.


  1. Our Bishop Michael
    During the past seven years as our Bishop, he has strived to welcome Christian and non Christian faiths to share the Word of God ecumenically, to love thy neighbour as oneself. He has taken time to involve Youth in matters of the church, together with church groups, that has emphasised and reinforced “the Diocesan Family”. But his vision was beyond the Diocesan Family—looking at the “human family”, sharing God’s gifts and blessings especially with people who are poor and needy, as there is still so much poverty and hunger in this world. This he expressed with our Diocesan links to Cambodia and the Holy Land. Bishop Michael once wrote “To live simply is not to live in poverty or misery. It is to live each day in the joyful love of God, cheerfully sharing his gift of creation with one another.” - May God give him strength to prepare for his meeting with the Angels, Saints and Our Lord in the everlasting world to come.
    Joseph C Rodriguez
    Provincial Grand Knight
    Knights of St. Columba
    Province 27 East Anglia


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