Saturday, May 15, 2010

What I would do with £84.4M

A ticket holder has won £84.4m in the EuroMillions draw, smashing the record for the largest jackpot won in the UK.

I haven't done the sums, but these are some of the things I'd like to spend it on:
  • ensure no woman feels she has to resort to abortion because she can't afford to have the child by supporting organisations such as Good Counsel Network and the Sisters of the Gospel of Life who help women in these situations;
  • assist SPUC and other pro-life organisations in their important work of campaigning against abortion and promoting chastity in schools;
  • support the campaign of any parliamentary candidate who undertakes to vote consisently against abortion, IVF, euthanasia, 'gay marriages' etc;
  • provide assistance to families who are in genuine trouble financially so that they can get on track;
  • build a church of the finest materials and of architectural and artistic merit that would be a temple truly fit for the Sacred Liturgy and worthy of God's people, preferably in a poor area of the diocese;
  • establish a foundation to promote singing and music in the parish that would realise the potential of youngsters who might not otherwise get the opportunity to sing/play beautiful music for the worship of God;
  • establish a school which would be staffed by committed, faithful practising Catholics that would not be in hock financially to the State; the school would be open to all who desire for their children an education inspired by the Catholic faith and its social teaching; bursaries for those who couldn't afford fees, but those who could would be asked to pull their weight financially, thus promoting responsibility;
  • establish a centre for catechesis and evangelisation;
  • establish counselling and educational service to assist families in any kind of difficulty and to promote authentic family values in society.
And I haven't even begun to think of aid to projects abroad with bodies such as Aid to the Church in Need etc.

Would I have any change left?

Would any of the above meet with opposition from the politically correct elite? Maybe I'd fall foul of diversity legislation?

Would winning the Lottery change my life? In the light of the above, most probably. But I'd still be happy to drive my 10 year old dented but absolutely (at least up to now) reliable Corolla. I'd also love to remain a parish priest, although the money might also enable the parish to support one or two more priests who would have plenty of pastoral and educational work to carry out.

Any other ideas? How can we help lottery winners ensure their lives are not destroyed by having to deal with unearned millions?


  1. Urge lottery winners to hire a) a lawyer and b) an accountant and c) buy their own home IN FULL with no remaining mortgage d) set up education fund for children if necessary, that gets their practicals taken care of. -- But great wish list on the rest. I was planning on buying everyone in my neighborhood a set of jumper cables. ;-D

    Seriously, great list

  2. I'm surprised you haven't said you would treat your parents to a nice holiday.

  3. Thanks Antonio but... they are hopefully enjoying the most wonderful vacation that will never end and that no amount of money can buy. In fact it's my mum's 11th anniversary today. Now have a good laugh, 'cos I'm rolling about laughing too! God bless you.

  4. Oh, I'd set up some Foundation Masses for my parents!

  5. Please forgive me Father. I seem to have a habit of making gaffes on your blog. Prayers for your mother tonight.

  6. That's wonderful Father! Just having my sister send a donation to Good Counsel Network. I'm across the pond but she is in pound sterling territory! God bless you for all you do and I am sure your mum is very proud of you!

  7. Nice thoughts about your parents. :-D It would be nice if deceased parents sent a postcard once in a while!

  8. Antonio: I think gem has just about got the gist on this. Good dose of humour. You obviously think I look so young that my parents couldn't possibly have died!

  9. Father,

    You may never be in a situation when you have the chance to spend £84 million. However, somebody (or some body) in the Church will, at some point in the future, have the chance to decide how to spend £10 million not just once, but every year. This is courtesy of Mr Albert Gubay. I wonder how the money will be spent.


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