Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blood Money - Planned Parenthood and Abortion

The way to promote abortion: Sex Education!

I received an email today about a new film that has been made about the abortion industry: BLOOD MONEY. I am told it is an independent film which needs our support to expose the corruption of Planned Parenthood. In order for the producers to get it into cinemas they need to show that millions of interested people have visited their website. You need only visit the website; there is no need to sign-up as a supporter unless you feel compelled to do so. The second link is the trailer for the movie.

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  1. I remember seeing a movie some time ago that was put out by a woman who used to run an abortion clinic. she came over to the prolife said. She said that abortion clinics know they have a "vertical market."

    When a woman first starts to take the pill, "X" strength of pill is needed to prevent a pregnancy. HOWEVER, as time goes on, a higher dosage would be needed to prevent pregnancy. Do "planned parenthood" types let young girls and women in the know about this?

    So what happens when the pill fails? Why Planned parenthood is right there to step in with their "Vertical market" abortion available.

    Friday night after I attended Mass, we were giving a lift home to a woman who is very active in our local prolife movement. She said that essentially mothers *spiritual abort" the babies before they go in for an actual abortion. She also said that sometimes, when doing sidewalk counseling at certain places, there is LITERALLY only a 3 second shot in "getting to" a woman entering where she can get a chance to speak to a woman entering a clinic.
    [Other places there is a better chance to talk to the woman] She mentioned the awful reacord some of these abortionists have with MANY lawsuits against them....but they get to keep their licenses because a woman is embarrassed to complain. She told me of one case where a woman had to go back to the abortionist THREE TIMES to remove all the body parts of her baby.
    She tells me they are ashamed to take it to court and press charges, because then her friends and family will find out.


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