Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Communions 2010

Eleven of our young parishioners received Our Lord for the first time in Holy Communion today at a special Mass at 12 noon. (Two others had returned to Poland to receive theirs in the home parishes of their families.)

Amongst the group were three boys. In this year of priests, among other things I managed during the homily to elicit from the youngsters the link between the Mass, Communion and the Priesthood. I asked the girls to say if they thought any of the boys would be good priests. All got the votes of most of the girls (but no hands went up when I asked if they would make good husbands!) Just trying to sow the seed of vocation, particularly as this is the last time I shall celebrate First Communions in the parish. As my parishioners know I am on the move, and will post more details later.

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