Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pentecost and Harmony

Last Pentecost (2009) the Holy Father said the following in his homily referring to the unity of the apostles gathered in prayer with Mary (it was 31st May, feast of the Visitation):
The music and singing that accompany this liturgy help us likewise to be with one accord devoted to prayer, and for this I express my deep gratitude to the Cathedral Choir and the Kammerorchester of Cologne. Joseph Haydn's Harmoniemesse has very appropriately been chosen for this liturgy on the bicentenary of his death, the last of the "Masses" composed by the great musician and a sublime symphony to the glory of God.
I have put a couple of tracks on autoplay in the mixpod on my sidebar. Hope you enjoy it. How sublime it would be to have this at our Pentecost Mass tomorrow! (If it blocks your dial-up, just let me know and I'll set autoplay off.)

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