Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New book on Pope Benedict and the Sexual Abuse Crisis

Our Sunday Visitor has published what it describes as
an honest, critical, and Catholic look at the criticism of Pope Benedict XVI and his response to the sexual abuse crisis.
In addition, to keep up with this unfolding story, a companion blog will follow new events, provide critical analysis, and provide a place for civil, cogent discussion.
Pope Benedict XVI and the Sexual Abuse Crisis is a groundbreaking, critically objective assessment of the criticism facing the pope as well as a review of his real response to the victims, abusers, bishops, media, and the millions of Catholics worldwide who continue to be justifiably horrified by the scandal. The first and foremost objective for this book is the truth -- no matter how difficult to face -- and letting the pope's record speak for itself.
More information here.

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  1. How lovely to have the Haydn, Father John! I'm sure the choir in South Ashford could manage!


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