Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unusual Family Life video


  1. Ha! I know this family! The mother of this awesome brood always looks radiant and beautiful.
    I've had heard of the triple bunk beds and was curious to see them. I just caught a glimpse of them here. That's quite a gang.
    Sweet video!

  2. My God, all those dowries! (or, in less civilised countries, all those weddings to finance ...)

    Joking apart, wonderful life-affirming video. Not even my two sets of grandparents (seven and five children respectively) quite managed that!

  3. Hello Father
    Wow! This is a great video. I am one of seven myself and my sister has nine children of her own. Lots of work but lots of happiness and fun too. Thanks for posting and God bless you.

  4. I'm from a rather small family - the elder of just six.

  5. What a wonderful video. We're a Kent family expecting number nine (though two oldest have now moved out), and were only talking yesterday about the strong possibility of triple bunk beds!


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