Friday, May 18, 2012

De La Salle College (Belfast) Prayer Club's anticipation of Irelands Eucharistic Congress

Year 9 check my blog every week, which is kind of them. The College Prayer Club has a website which is well worth checking out. As you will see, it is promoting vocations to the priesthood and the religious life.

Their teacher Miss Jo Kelly keeps me informed of things and so I pray for them - never having met them in person! I should like to put that right at some point.

Enjoy their International Eucharistic Congress video below, but do visit their website. They also have a blog, and so are being educated for evangelisation in this world of modern communications.

Go and encourage them by liking their video and putting an encouraging comment on the blog. This kind of news inspires hope for the Church in Ireland.


  1. Dear Father John Boyle, Padraig here from 9A and from the Prayer Club. I would just like to thank you soo much for the wonderful mention on your inspirational and moving blog. I love to read your blog posts and I also love to read them with my class,9A.
    Thank You for all of your support and appreciation on our video.

    Padraig F, 9A

  2. Congratulations to these pupils of De La Salle College! They truly are an inspiration to other Catholic Schools. Amazing that they put this video together so nicely. I love the pictures of them praying and meditating in the school chapel. A good Religion teacher can do so much good in leading youth to the table of the Lord by prayer and encouragement. The Holy Spirit will do the rest.

  3. I Only wish and pray that all Catholic schools would be truly Catholic as this beautiful school!

    Dear Fathers, Sisters and lay teachers, you are doing a BEAUTIFUL job!!!

    Keep it up.

    Geraldine - U S A

  4. Such a beautiful and inspirational video. So well done. A real joy to view. Congratulations to all who were involved in its production, and all those involved in teaching these students the beauty of the Catholic faith.
    Keep up the good work.

    Jessica, Foster City, California

  5. Watching this video and listening to its beautiful music brought such serenity to my otherwise hectic world!
    I compliment all those who put together this video which clearly reflects their devotion to the Catholic faith.
    May God bless you with continued success in all that you do, and my prayers are with you for an enlightening Eucharistic Conference in Ireland.

    Victoria, USA


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