Wednesday, August 31, 2011

With Irene in Vermont

I have been in Vermont since last Tuesday on vacation at Blessed Sacrament Church, Stowe and so have been in one of the states most affected by Hurricane Irene. Here in Stowe we were very lucky: rain all day, but the high winds that were forecast did not materialise and there was no flooding, although much of the land round about was and is water logged. Yet towns nearby were severely affected.

We were to travel south to spend a day or two with another priest friend. His phone line was down. He managed to contact us using a neighbour's cell phone to tell us not to come. His church basement was inundated, roads were destroyed, etc. etc.

Yesterday I took a drive into New Hampshire to see the beautiful White Mountains but my journey was considerably longer than anticipated due to the road closures I encountered.

Please pray for all affected by the hurricane: those who have died (three confirmed in Vermont), those who have lost homes and livelihoods, and generally for all who are going through a hard time just now.

Bishop Matano of Burlington Vermont has expressed his prayerful support for suffering Vermonters and Vermont Catholic Charities is involved in providing aid where it is needed.

See CNS report.

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