Friday, November 19, 2010

Ordinariate procedures announced - breakneck speed

This Bishops of England and Wales have today issued a statement about the establishment of an Ordinariate for anglicans wishing to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church using the provisions of Pope Benedict's Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus.

It is good news indeed that there is such a rapid response to the announcements by five anglican bishops that they are to resign their pastoral appointments within the Church of England and to begin the process of reception into the Catholic Church and possible ordination as priests. It is important that both the clergy and the faithful of these communities be assisted on their path to reception into the Catholic Church as expeditiously as possible. All this is to be carried out under the local diocesan bishops and the Ordinary of the Ordinariate whose name will be announced in January 2011.

Who might the Ordinary be? He will be appointed by the Holy Father (Anglicanorum coetibus Art. IV). He can be a priest or a bishop. Will Bishop Alan Hopes, who currently oversees the setting up of the Ordinariate, be appointed the first Ordinary?

See the full statement at the Archdiocese of Westminster website.

Further commentary:
Damian Thompson
Fr Ray Blake
De Cura Animarum
EF pastor emeritus

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  1. One aspect that seems a little fast is the Ordinations - reception at Easter, Ordination by Pentecost? I wonder what former Anglican clergy who were sent to a Seminary for 2/3 years will think?


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