Thursday, March 11, 2010

Marie Stopes poll on abortion in Ireland

Marie Stopes Reproductive Choices Ireland says:
Ireland is one of the few countries in Europe where abortion is still illegal. Every year thousands of Irish women who have made the decision that they are unable to continue with their pregnancy have to travel overseas, mainly to England, to get help with abortion. This can be stressful and expensive. Woman may need to hide the fact that they are pregnant and going to have an abortion from family and friends.

Woman travelling overseas for abortion, include pregnant teenagers, women who have been raped or in a violent relationship, women whose life would be at risk if they continued with their pregnancy or women whose pregnancy has a foetal abnormality.

At Marie Stopes Reproductive Choices we believe that the law needs to change and modernise to meet the needs of women in Ireland who request abortion help.

What do you think? Take part in the poll. (At present: 6% in favour of legalising abortion in Ireland, 94% against.)


  1. That site makes me want to puke!

  2. Marie Stopes used the result of another poll, this time in their favour, to support their agenda recently. They should be pulled up on this and really they should go back on Irish radio and reveal the results of this latest poll. Of course, they won't because they only use polls that go in their favour. Here is the story:

  3. How about a new poll - 'Should the Marie Stopes organisation be tried for Mass Murder and formally shut down'?






  4. I've just tried to vote, but the poll seems to have disapeared! They obviously didn't like the result and so decided to delete it!
    Is all modern research like this?

  5. It looks like the link to the poll has been changed or removed, Father.

    Hmmm. Wonder why?

  6. Yes, the link has gone. Even when you go to their home page and search on 'poll' you will find a reference to the poll but it's not there. Reference to another poll that claims that 9 out 10 men and women think abortion should be legalised in Ireland remains, however. Do you think they might have an agenda?

  7. Do you think they might have an agenda?

    Is the Pope a Catholic?

  8. Dear Jesus,
    Please put an end to the slaughter of Your Innocent Babies.
    Lord Hear Our Prayer


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