Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mothers and Fathers removed from British Passport Application Forms

Firstly, a new blog to check out: Defend Marriage in Scotland. It's going straight to my sidebar and Google Reader subscriptions.

And this blog brings to our attention an article in yesterday's Daily Telegraph which says:
Following pressure from gay rights campaigners, the Home Office is modifying the application process to make it more politically correct.

Instead of an applicant naming their mother and father, they will be asked for details of “parent 1” and “parent 2”.

The change has been made following claims the original form was “discriminatory” and failed to include same-sex couples looking after a child.
When you enter the world of political correctness you end up discriminating against those who have natural rights, the right of a father and a mother to be recognised as such, not simply as a parent. "Parent" is a term that includes both father and mother but does not distinguish between them. Each has a right to be recognised. Feminists should protest about the lack of recognition of the woman as mother. In this sense, all distinction between the sexes is denied, which is of course one of the fruits of the denial of the purpose of sex: the generation of offspring. This denial begins at contraception.


  1. I understand "Father" and "Mother" will still appear "Father " followed by Parent 1 and "mother" by Parent 2

  2. Several years ago, on a trip to Bahrain, I had to fill in a visa form and in place of "surname" it had "father's name". I never filled in a form with such pride! I was fortunate to have a dear Catholic father who ensured that for me "tradition" has the greatest possible value.

  3. Father, yours is thus far the best response I have seen to this imbecility. I'm stealing it (with attribution, of course).


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