Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Church renovations at Crystal Falls, MI

Father Jeffrey Kurtz, pastor of Guardian Angels Church, Crystal Falls, MI in the diocese of Marquette has sent me these photos of the renovations currently underway at his parish church and has said he is happy for them to be published. A sign of the times...

 More pictures will be available on completion of the work. Father Kurtz has received

a bit of exciting news today. The parish is to receive a substantial bequest and the man's family has asked that part of the money be used to construct the "shrines" to the Sacred Heart and Blessed Virgin. Plan to go with the same company for the marbles and will consult with Affiliated Artists for the design of the decorative painting in those areas. We are truly blessed.

Father, you are! And may God bless you in your work of restoring beauty to your church and to the liturgy.


  1. Alar Rail.

    If I move back to Michigan, I want to move to the Marquette Diocese.

  2. You think Bishop Sample would let us borrow Fr. Kurtz over in my diocese for a while? We have here a wide field for the exercise of his renovating powers.

  3. Fr. Kurtz is very happy right where he is and is quite sure that neither the Bishop nor our Lord wish him to be anywhere else.

    Fr. Jeffrey Kurtz

  4. Oh, Father Kurtz, we wouldn't keep you long. Just 30 or 40 years or so.

  5. Great pictures. We posted a story of the renovation from our end in Cleveland: http://henningersinc.blogspot.com/2011/10/sanctuary-renovation-up-in-michigan.html.


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