Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A large family just got larger

Way back in August, I received an email from Tania, then a mother of nine expecting twins. As I recall, I picked up her email at Marquette International Airport as I was waiting for a flight to Chicago which would connect me to a flight to Burlington, Vermont, for my vacation in Stowe with my English priest friend Father Benedict Kiely, pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church.
Well, the email stayed in my inbox in spite of my assurance that I would give publicity to Tania's book entitled Larger Family Life - Living life the large family way. Now I have received an email about the birth of the twin daughters pictured above. Read more at Tania's blog.

Tania and her family attend Holy Family Catholic Church in Hoo, Kent, which is a satellite church of English Martyrs, Strood, which happens to be where my brother served as curate (assistant priest/parochial vicar/associate pastor) for a number of years before becoming parish priest (pastor) at Good Shepherd Church, New Addington.

So, congratulations to Tania and her husband on their beautiful babies.

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