Monday, October 10, 2011

I need lots of these cards

Does anyone know where I can buy them?


  1. Fr John
    I bought some in Rome - at the Repository Shop at St Mary Major Basilica

  2. Yes, I bought a load at Ancorra or somewhere when I was last in Rome. Trouble is: I'm a little bit far away from Rome just now. :) Hope you had a nice pilgrimage.

  3. Fr Boyle,
    Every time I go to Rome I buy 20 or 30 at the:
    Libreria Ancora S.R.L.
    Via della Conciliazione, 63

    Tel: 06 6868820.

    I get 10 for one euro which is much cheaper than anywhere else. Perhaps you know someone in Rome who can send you some. If not, they also have shops in Brescia, Milan, Monza, and Trento.

  4. Thanks Leo. Yes, Ancora is where I bought them in the past. I'll ask a priest in Rome to send me some. God bless.

  5. Father,
    My sister, Jo, is going to get Dominic, a seminarian in Rome, to send the cards to you. She asked me to let you know. I asked her too late as she is returning from Rome tomorrow morning.
    God Bless! Finola

  6. "Awesome" as they say here. Thanks Finola!


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