Saturday, October 15, 2011

53 year old father of 14 battling with cancer

Lifesite News always carries wonderfully edifying stories. This one is too even as it calls us to pray for Jim Littleton and his family. Not only are there the fourteen children in the picture above but they lost five others due to miscarriages.
“[T]hanks to God, we have been consoled by the reality of our crosses having a redemptive value,” they say. “In and of itself the cross would be worthless, a great loss, but the crosses and difficulties, crises, and disasters of our lives all have the capacity to bear much fruit, and culminate in our own growth and purification as well as in the overall redemption of mankind.”

The greatest cross the Littleton’s are now bearing is Jim’s illness, which has affected his ability to work and provide for his family. The extensive demands of his medical treatment as well as 6 hospitalizations have consumed his family’s resources.

Read their story at Lifesite News. There is also the opportunity to contribute to a benefit fund to help the family pay for Jim's continuing treatment.

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