Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What has Britain come to?

This, frankly, pornographic DVD being shown to kids in school (I won't post the pictures - you can see them for your self and watch an excerpt from the video on youtube.) Sex is for grownups who 'find someone they like a lot'! That's what 7 years olds are taught.

Note: this film is being shown in primary schools to 7 year olds. To watch it on youtube, you must declare you are over 18 and log on as it is considered adult material. At least youtube have standards!


  1. It's frightening what the government approved schools are showing innocent 7 year olds.

    It's creepy that adult people would show this to children! I bet any adult who showed this to a neighbor's child would be hauled into court in a minute.

    And this, I suppose, it what Ed Balls wants shown in your own school?

    These people are trying to break down the morals of children and undercut the parents before religious values can properly be formed.

    It's evil run rampant. Had I been shown this at 7 I would have been frightened and scared. There is NO NEED for a child a 7 to have been shown this graphic video. I think only a pervert would want to sexualize a child of 7.

  2. A government which trivialises sex will reap its fruits: more teenage pregnancies and children reared without knowing father; increased social service bills and therefore increased taxation and ultimately a demand to kill off the elderly or very ill as a drain on the nations limited resources.

  3. Father EF: your comment echoes Malcolm Muggeridge's prescience. He apparently said that the legalisation and availability of contraception would lead to euthanasia.

  4. Father John,
    Does that mean I am in "good company" ...for once? :-)

  5. I have a 7yr old. The idea that if he was in school he could be shown THAT grooming video sickens me.
    The comments on the Youtube vid are the kind of reaction children might expect to find from classmates. How on earth does this Govt legitmise that kind of perverted attack on children's innocence?
    God forbid my children ever go to school.
    And Oona Stannard says we have nothing to worry about!!!!

  6. When I was a governor at a Catholic primary school, I had to argue very hard against this dvd being used in SRE, and against 'loving relationships' being taught as the context for sexual intercourse, instead of 'marriage'.
    At subsequent meetings where SRE was on the Governors agenda, the P.P. whom I had hoped would support me, was unable to attend.
    The chief protagonists were NHS staff, one of whom is a Catholic in good standing with the Church, who is also an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist.

    As mumof6 says:
    " and Oona Stannard says we have nothing to worry about!!!"

  7. Let me guess, Kate -- if you took it up that the EM who was the chief protagonists was not the best person to be an EM, the bishop and possibly the pastor as well were say that YOU were the problem....

  8. Gem:
    I think it might go something like this 'we are all earthenware vessels.. let's not be judgemental.. when we come to Mass, it is a sign of our communion with each other so let's leave personal predjudices/feelings outside the door!

  9. These are the fruits of a government that is morally bankrupt and has lost its way.

    Our Bishops, Catholic Schools and CES instead of colluding with the government should be standing firm and holding high 'the light of the world', Jesus Christ - showing the way, lighting the path so that this Country and the whole world can crawl out of the stinking mire that it has dug itself into.

    PS - Kate, earthenware vessels etc... ha..haa..ha
    but you forgot to add the enneagrams and pebble naming ceremonies! :-)

  10. Pebble naming ceremonies. Somehow I missed that one ... (thank God!) Let me guess, they also have "Centering prayer" a la picture # 2 in this post.


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