Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heroic priest Father Luc Buyens: "I, as a priest, am willing to suffer for the sign I stand for."

I think we have much to be grateful for to this gentle priest who faithfully upheld Catholic discipline as regards admission to the Eucharist. Father Luc Buyens refused to give Communion to a notorious homosexual before the traditional Carnival celebrations. His refusal sparked quite a controversy, culminating in a demonstration by hundreds of homosexual activists during Mass at St. John's Cathedral in 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch). His homily of the First Sunday of Lent in which he refers to his actions can be read at In Caelo et in Terra. (Notice a Benedictine arrangement on the altar.)


  1. Thanks for the Post. I think that somthing like the Courage Apostolate started by Fr.John Harvey is badly needed to present the authentic Catholic teaching and living about homosexuality. The search for happiness within the Catholic Faith is possible.

  2. I not only noticed the 'Benedictine arrangement' (and a very tacky one at that) on the altar - I also noticed an external stole on the priest in question: absolutely FORBIDDEN by the rubrics.

    What say thee about that?

  3. Yes, it's a bit tacky. I hadn't noticed the stole - perhaps it is a custom in his diocese. Yes, I know it shouldn't be done, but I believe there is a diocese in Wales where this is the 'norm' and a priest would probably choose his battles. The stole or orthodox teaching?... Let's thank God for this good priest's courage.

  4. In all honesty, there is much that needs improvement in the Church in the Netherlands, but since we must start somewhere, I'm quite willing not to focus overly much on things like clerical garb. Step by step.

    By the way, if I may ask: why is the Benedictine arrangement in this case 'tacky'?

  5. It's that old sin - 'disobedience'.

    Homosexuals should ask themselves 'Is what I am doing pleasing to God'?

    There can only be one answer - if they are honest with themselves. Jesus calls us all to change, to be more Christ-like, and if we follow in His footsteps with prayer and regular attendance to the Sacraments of Confession and Holy Communion, change is truely possible. BUT, a contrite heart and willingness to accept that you were wrong is essential.

    And this is their problem - they will simply not admit that homosexual acts are intrinsically wrong, that they deform God's plan for humanity and are therefore gravely sinful.

    Pray for them.

  6. I don't think it is a Benedictine arrangement, I think it is a microphone.

    I sent Fr Buyens an email of support and his reply was very humble.


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