Friday, March 12, 2010

Any Firefox wizards out there?

After visiting another website on another tab, on returning to my blog tab I find the screen is blank, very awkward if one is in the middle of editing a post or a comment. This only seems to happen with my blog and I think it has only started happening afer I installed a Real Player update. If anyone can tell me why this is happening I'd be grateful. It doesn't happen with Internet Explorer.



  1. which version of fire? which version of real? then I'd google those two version numbers s & the word problem --are you up-to-date with the latest and greatest of fire? the other night I was also asked to download a new patch for "Downloader" a plug in for firefox -- I didn't have time to do so. When I get a chance I can try a little later to replicate. but let me know what versions you have.

  2. oh, and check to see what new patchesw, etc. blogger itself may have made

  3. Sorry Father but I cannot replicate your problem. Have you updated to the recently released Firefox 3.6? That might help.

  4. My stuff usually comes back the next day! Check out my piece on what's going on in England - first bit of posting in weeks!

  5. Fr. John,
    I found problems after installing last Real player update. I know very little about computers so I made a guess and restored my Pc to earlier date. That appears to have resolved the problems

  6. Thanks all. Have removed Realplayer. Didn't do the trick. Then restored to previous windows update (which reported an error of an incomplete restore) and things are now working. Will reinstall Realplayer and windows updates when I get the opportunity and see how we go.

  7. Hi John, Avoid Realpayer if only for other reasons: it is bloatware and virtual spyware; there's no telling what it does or tries to do to your Windows installation behind your back. Vicious stuff. I stopped using it years ago. Use RealAlternative, which serves you just as well but without the sharp practice:

    Best. Ben

  8. Hi Ben. Which Ben are you? I know a few! thanks for tip on Real Player.

    Actually, I think there has been a problem with Blogger. I haven't been able to get on it a tall for over 12 hours.


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