Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baptism of Aaron Michael and Molly Jeanette Yacoubian

Congratulations to Dominic and Gaye, parents of Aaron Michael (the one with his hands in mum's) and Molly Jeanette (in the arms of his father) who were baptised this afternoon. The Baptism was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, as is now my custom. There were many children present at the ceremony, all watching carefully the various elements of the rite.

Dominic's father (pictured on the far right) is Armenian Evangelical and he remarked on how lovely it was to hear the Latin and to have the baptism celebrated in this form. So, once again, I find that the older liturgy facilitates true ecumenism. He explained to me that his surname, Yacoubian, means 'Son of Jacob'. Well, you can't go back much further to the foundation of our religion. (His late wife, Jeanette, was the Catholic.)

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  1. Truly lovely. Divine, even. Thank you, Fr, for Posting on this. God Bless the Little Ones.


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