Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our Lady of Sorrows in Malta

Thereza, my secretary, who is Maltese drew this to my attention. How wonderful it would be to be in a country where such external manifestations of piety were normative. See the Times of Malta. In the old calendar the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady is commemorated on the Friday before Palm Sunday. In many countries, even if it may not now be commemorated liturgically the tradition is kept.


  1. Hi Fr John. I am sending this comment from Malta. I was pleased and surprised to learn that your secretary is Maltese and that you mentioned Malta in your blog which I follow regularly. Here we are preparing for the Pope's visit. Happy Easter

    Mark & Lydia and family (David Jonathan and Judith) from Malta

  2. Thank you Mark et al. I'm sure Pope Benedict will get a warm reception from the Maltese so noted for their hospitality. Please pray for his visit to the UK...

  3. I went to the EF form of Mass last night at my parish. I was pleasantly surprised when we did the 7 Sorrows Mass. The new, very young Associate mentioned that our Blessed mother has this celebrated twice, both for Sept 15, (the day after the exultation of the Cross) and there is a nice article here about how this feast came about. The feast day Mass bounced around a bit, initially it was done in Northern Germany to counteract the iconoclast Hussites, and was celebrated on the Friday after the 3rd Sunday of Easter.

    Father added 7 Hail Marys said after the Leonine prayers, brief mentioning each sorrow,then after each sorrow a Hail Mary.

    Did you check your own NO ordo? I wonder if it had given you the option of this votive Mass.

  4. May God bless the people of Malta for keeping such a beautiful and poignant feast!

    A friend of mine visited Malta last year and reported all sorts of interesting and good liturgical practices that, in theory at least, should have been 'officially' done away with.


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