Saturday, September 24, 2011

Young people witnessing to their faith - and being harrassed for it

I am impressed by the lively faithfulness of the young Catholics in my parish. Those who come to Mass bear joyful witness to life and love of God. In the church it is easy - they are welcomed, their families encourage them. Out in the world, they are challenged - those who are not home schooled attend the state schools where the expression of religious practice - by and large - is not permitted due to the separation of church and state.

Our young people need to be prepared for tough times. They will face ridicule, hatred and persecution for their beliefs.

Father Zuhlsdorf (MUST READ: Young person’s account of harassment and violence at WYD) describes what some young people experienced in Madrid at the recent World Youth Day. Some people hate the Catholic Church. Catholics hate no one - they love all mankind, especially those who hate them! Young people: trust in the Lord.
Father Ray Blake (The Illiberality of a Local MP, Hatred?)is also receiving hate messages because of his faithful and compassionate teaching on marriage. Go and express your prayerful support of this good priest.

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