Saturday, September 3, 2011

Father Barron on the obsession of atheists with religion - and why we need to pay attention to them.

Thanks to Accepting Abundance.


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    I don't know that I can take seriously the observation that atheists compose a large segment of the religious blog and opinion population.

    Christians don't read CNN's religion blog, they go to resources they trust.

    CNN is not the only major news site to expand their religion news/opinion coverage site.

    But having done so, these major news sites simply encourage their own readers (who are not necessarily practicing Christians) to opine on the subject of religion.

    The last place I would go to access news or opinion about religion or the faith would be a site like CNN, or huffpost.

    Expecting an intelligent discussion about the Christian faith at CNN or Huffpost is like going to McDonalds and expecting to be served a great red wine with your hamburger.


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