Saturday, September 3, 2011

All faithful Catholics are bigots - according to CNN's Piers Morgan

If, like me, you accept the Church's teaching that homosexual activity is immoral and that the orientation itself is disordered (prepare for hateful comments now - in spite of the fact that homosexual orientation is not the only disordered orientation: so is paedophilia, addictions to alcohol, drugs, temptations to beat your spouse, or to kill your unborn child, or to steal - these are all disordered in need of healing and amendment of life), you're a bigot.
CNN's Piers Morgan: “I guess one of the reasons it’s troubling and difficult for people to come out [as gay] is because of the level of bigotry that’s out there against them. I have to say that your views you espoused on this issue are bordering on bigotry, aren’t they?” Morgan asked the candidate.

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum: “Are you suggesting that the Bible and that the Catholic Church is bigoted? Well, if that’s what you believe, fine. I think that—I shouldn’t say ‘fine!’ ... Saying a church is bigoted because it holds that opinion that is Biblically based I think is in itself an act of bigotry”
And this after the following exchange when Santorum demonstrates the true charitable attitude that all should have - far from bigoted:
MORGAN: How many sons do you have?

SANTORUM: We have four boys and three girls. [Large family by many standards. Presumably he knows a thing or two about bringing up a family.]

MORGAN: How would you feel if one of your sons turned around one day and said, "Dad, I'm gay"?

SANTORUM: I would embrace them, love them and try to help them through what I would see as a very difficult and troubling time in their lives. I know a lot of gay people. I know a lot of the folks that I've talked to who have gone through this, go through a lot of very difficult times in their life in coming to that decision and struggling with it even after admitting it. So, this is a difficult issue. I understand it's difficult issue. And my job as a father is to love my son unconditionally which I do and would do, and would continue what I could do to support him so he could live a good, a healthy and decent and faithful life.
For a CNN interviewer (who himself professes to be catholic) to be allowed to get away with calling his interviewee - and, by implication, all faithful catholics - bigots is, unfortunately, not beyond belief. It's the age we live in . Freedom of speech if you espouse the relativistic politically correct policies of the day, but not if you hold views that correspond to eternal truths, in this case concerning marriage.

As long as we know, that's fine. We can be prepared for martyrdom, if the Lord considers us worthy of such an honour.

See Lifesitenews.


  1. What woulod one expect from a one-time editor of the now discredited and never very moral, News of the World, owned by News International?

  2. Par for the course for Mr. O'Meara, his birth name. The "Catholicism" of this twice-married man is about as erudite as that of his journalism. He wasn't universally known in the industry as Piers Moron for nothing. I suspect his own celebrity will not be long-lived. In his own words: "One day you're the cock of the walk, the next you're the feather duster." Indeed.

  3. Funny that calling someone "bigoted" was one of the factors that finished off Gordon Brown's political career.

  4. It's only ok when directed at Catholics or Christians. Muslims follow a very similar idea when it comes to homosexuality yet they aren't attacked for their stance. Interesting isn't it?

  5. Correction: Homosexuality is not considered a disorder except by the Catholic Church. It has been in the past; however, with more knowledge, we have found that homosexuality is actually due to cross-hormone exposure during pregnancy, which is due to stress experienced by the mother.


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