Saturday, September 17, 2011

New birth in Christ

Congratulations to Doctor Michael and Mrs Amanda Harl on the baptism today of their daughter Emory Grace. Emory Grace was baptised in the Extraordinary Form and so benefits from the exorcisms and blessings administered during the ceremony. In the picture are Emory's parents and Godparents, and her proud brother (who held the salt as it was being blessed and exorcised) and sister.

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  1. THANK YOU FATHER FOR DOING THIS! I almost have tears in my eyes. We were so blessed that when our first daughter was born, we were able to fly back to Detroit for her baptism in the Extraordinary Form, in the same church that my Great Aunt was baptized in 80 years prior. We then had the blessings to have her first Mass be according to the usus antiquior.

    Unfortunately, as we are living in Alaska still, our #2 due at the end of November wont have that same luxury. There are two EF Masses a few hours from here, but neither provide Sacraments in the EF. (One is the Dominican Rite which doesnt have a Baptism, and the other is well... 4 hours away.) I know that there are those that desire this form, and I am so thankful, as I sure they are, that there are priests such as yourself who provide this for the faithful.

    Bless you!


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