Friday, March 18, 2011

What has contraception done to men?

Yesterday we had a lovely experience as a two ladies stopped their car where we were praying and lowered the window. I went over and the driver asked "Is this about abortion?" I explained that we were praying for an end to abortion. She said: "I'm pregnant and I don't agree with abortion. The child should not pay for my mistakes. Thank you for what you are doing." Naturally I expressed delight and asked if she needed any help and, particularly, if she had approached the Marquette Care Clinic which is right next door to Planned Parenthood where we are praying. She said that, yes, she had already visited the Care Clinic for help and support.

So, that was a nice positive event.

On the other hand, a car load of young men wound their car windows down and shouted abuse at us. It should be noted that the sidewalk (pavement for my English readers) prayer group consisted of five women plus me. There were two other young women standing near the back entrance to Planned Parenthood. What has become of men when they can shout abuse at nice ladies standing and praying by the roadside? Do the women they use realise what monsters they are getting into bed with and how little respect they have for them?

Contraception has made men into beasts and women into means of gratification. See comment from Genty.


  1. Sadly, I'm not surprised at the abuse. A priest and a group of women who are unlikely to hit back - perfect for a bout of bullying. I guess most of us could write the script. I hope you blessed them, Father.

    I used to wonder why so many men were pro-abortion but realised that it's in their interests if they want promiscuous and irresponsible physical pleasure. The apparent equality between the sexes when it comes to sexual activity is nothing of the sort.

    Psyches don't change. Men despise women they see as easy lays, and this starts in the school playground, whilst women, by and large, still look for stability in relationships. They have been gulled into believing that anti-nature, indiscriminate sex makes them whole as a person only to discover to their cost the falsity that is promulgated. It's a thoroughly modern kind of gender slavery that damages women, sometimes irreparably.

    As one of the 1970s enthusiasts for feminism who remains a supporter of equality of education and opportunity, I've noticed over the years how the message of equality has been so contaminated that it has been reduced to nothing more than the sating of sexual appetite.

    I've also noticed how increasingly coarse and, sometimes brutal, many men can behave towards women who deny them. That comes under personal experience. I think the pressures today on girls, and I mean girls, and young women to be sexually available are a heavy burden to bear. Young men are mocked if they choose sexual continence.

    Of course, I expect such views to be classified as man-hating. Yes, if it means I'm a hater of men who use women and chuck them aside like so much detritus. Equally, I know and love men who are honourable and emotionally adult. Thankfully, they are also many. St Joseph is their template. Happy feast day!

  2. I have only once heard a priest preach about the blessing of having a large family. it was at a mid-week evening Mass in Eastern Slovakia. The priest, an elderly Franciscan, who had spent many years in prison under Totality, said in an angry tone something like:

    " Families need to have at least three children, one for the father, one for the mother and one for increase. You people you know only the Gypsies do the will of God."

    As the congregation was composed in the main of white (ie non-Gypsy) daily Mass-going Slovaks this was quite strong meat.

    Why does no-one preach on the value of marriage and large families?

  3. Here at St Peter's there is very regular preaching on the meaning of marriage and life. The evil of contraception is frequently mentioned. I think the tide is turning. Younger priests are less reluctant to preach about this matter than their older confreres.


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