Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is this education or brainwashing?

If you look at these videos, don't get drawn by the hateful comments that follow on you tube. I would be the first to condemn hateful comments about those who experience homosexual orientation or live that lifestyle, and educate those of all ages to love one's neighbour no matter what, particularly the children who find themselves in these "family" situations, but...


  1. Didn't Christ say something about a millstone around a neck if one scandalized such little ones? Mark 9:42

  2. When the little girl read her essay, she referred to the other child not being able to come over and play because of his parents' belief in what the Bible teaches. The inference is that the Bible has it wrong and that those who live by what the bible says are being hurtful. This is in fact teaching children not to listen to the Bible as there was no one presenting a view from a Christian perspective. These children are being used as pawns in the gay rights agenda and this is shameful. And I doubt the parents were allowed to opt out of these presentations.


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