Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marquette 40 Days for Life - March 25th

The above slideshow consists of photos taken by Jeff Geniesse at yesterday's pro-life vigil outside Marquette's Planned Parenthood. We were very pleased to be led in prayer by Bishop Alexander K Sample, bishop of Marquette.

To be completely accurate, I should say we were outside the neighbouring Care Clinic as Planned Parenthood supporters had staked out our usual position and, in the interests of fair reporting, here's a photo of their group:

A local TV6 reporter was on hand to film and interview representatives of both groups. Whereas the PP suporters ask motorists to honk, we simply pray. It is striking how many motorists do honk in favour of Planned Parenthood as if to say: "Yes, kill the children!" I couldn't help thinking of the thundering cries of "Crucify Him" that Our Lord endured as his Mother and disciples stood helplessly by.

Here are a couple of photos that I took before leaving:

Observing a minute's silent prayer.

A family that decided to stay on a little longer.

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