Friday, February 4, 2011

Powerful night prayers from the Eastern Liturgy

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These prayers are said towards the conclusion of Compline. I slept so well after them last night that even my alarm failed to wake me up. So I did not get up at 4.15am as planned and missed Matins, Lauds and Divine Liturgy. So celebrated Office of Readings, Morning Prayer and Mass according to the Roman Rite.

Prayer of the Monk Paul to the Theotokos

(Picture credit: Monks and Mermaids)

O our Lady, pure and immaculate Virgin without stain or disgrace, O Bride of the Most-High: through your wonderful birth-givin you have united God the Word to mankind, thus joining our fallen nature to the divine. O you, the only hope of the hopeless, and help of the oppressed, always ready to protect every Christian who seeks refuge in you: Despise me not, a wretched sinner who have defiled myself by unclean thoughts, words, and deeds and in my slothfulness have enslaved myself to the passions of life and am weighed down by despair and depression.

As the Mother of God, the Lover of Mankind, show your mercy and compassion to me, a sinner and prodigal son. Accept this prayer from my impure lips. With the boldness that only a mother could show, implore your Son, our Lord and God, to open also to me the depths and tenderness of His loving heart, to disregard my countless sins, but to convert me to true repentance, so that I may always be aware of His precepts and ever-ready to observe them.

And you, compassionate Lady, always stay with me in this life; take my part at all times, as a powerful help to repeal the assaults of my enemies and to guide me to salvation. And at the hour of my death, be with me to embrace and comfort my sorry soul, and to drive off the dreadful specters of the evil one. On that awesome day of judgment, save me from eternal punishment and reveal me as an heir of the ineffable glory which your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, has promised in His grace and love for mankind.

To Him, and to His eternal Father, and to His All-Holy, Good and Life-Giving Spirit, we send up glory, honor, and worship, both now and forever, and unto ages of ages.


Prayer of the Monk Antiochus
(to our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ)

As we prepare for bed, Master,
we ask for rest of body and soul.
Protect us from a gloomy sleep of sin
and from any impure satisfaction
that roams around in the dard of night.
Stop the onslaughts of passion,
put out the burning arrows of the evil one
that treacherously assail us,
and calm the commotions of mind and body.
Grant us, Lord, a watchful heart,
an easy sleep free from every dream
disturbance of the devil.
When the time of prayer comes, raise us from bed,
strengthened in Your commandments
and always aware of how You wish us to live:
that we may sing Your glory
praising, blessing, and extolling
Your all-holy and magnificent Name:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
both now and forever and unto ages of ages.


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