Sunday, February 20, 2011

How the New English Roman Missal will look

The Catholic Truth Society (CTS) is contracted to publish the Roman Missal for Britain and Australia. Their website describes it as follows:

As it takes its place on the altars of churches in Britain and Australia, we are confident that the Altar Missal will be an object of dignified beauty, quality and durability. To that end it will be bound in genuine Italian leather and blocked in gold, not only on the front, back and spine but also on the inside lip of the cover. Together with the gilding of the book block this will emphasise the precious nature of the words the book contains and liturgies at which it is used.
It looks sacred!

Will it have individual tabs on each of the pages of the Eucharistic Prayers as the Missals of the Traditional Latin Mass have?

H/T Catholic Herald.


  1. There will indeed be tabs on every page of the 4 Eucharistic Prayers and they will continue through all the way to the solemn Blessings. There will be 21 tabs in total as opposed to the 6 there on the current Missal.

  2. Absolutely splendid! (Not bothering about the other EP's? They are rarely used in any case.)


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