Monday, February 7, 2011

Be a friend to the Souls in Purgatory

By joining Friends of the Suffering Souls:

a Catholic Lay Association conducting a perpetual novena of Masses for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

This association was inspired by the 100 consecutive Masses offered for the Holy Souls by the Venerable Archdeacon Cavanagh, Parish Priest of Knock prior to the appearance there of Our Blessed Mother in 1879.

Each member undertakes to arrange at least one Mass each year for all the holy souls and our deceased member.

But you can arrange as many Masses as you wish for this novena.

It is our goal to reach an average of 100 Masses for the holy souls each and every day of the year.

You can ask any priest to offer Mass for the Holy Souls. The website also tells you which priests have indicated their availability to offer Masses for this intention. You can also check if any of the priests will offer the Mass in the Extraordinary Form if you prefer this.


  1. I am a member of FOSS (Friends of the Suffering Souls) for a number of years now (7-8yrs) and I have been doing my little bit to promote this beautiful apostolate by bringing in some 250 members all of whom are very happy to be a member in this continuous novena for the Holy Souls. Let's not forget the benefits once we become deceased member and reap all the graces from these numerous annual masses.
    Jean-Marc Basque, New Brunswick,CANADA

  2. My mother and grandomother have always had a strong devotion to the souls in Purgatory, and it is because of them that I enrolled my family and friends, both living and dead, as members of FOSS (Friends of the Suffering Souls). This was my way of saying thank you to them for all they did for me while at the same time, the Suffering Souls are helped in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. Furthermore, it is such a comfort to know the Holy Souls will help my family in return, in such a powerful way. I feel truly blessed and I know that I have made countless friends in Purgatory.
    Catherine Loft, Melbourne, Australia

  3. I am very happy to have been a part of the F.O.S.S. for the past two years. To know we are helping the souls and they in turn are praying for us. Denise Merlin, Ontario Canada

  4. This is only the second year that I am being a FOSS member.I've had a life time devotion to the poor souls and count on them much.In enrolling my children as living members it gives me much consolation to know they will get the graces of being the reason that Poor Souls are getting the grace to enter heaven.As for my own sake I am counting on a large shout from the poor souls when St Peter goes to close the door on me "No, she is our friend , let her in! "
    Evelyn North Dakota USA

  5. I am from Davao City,Philippines I join FOSS 2006,I was searching mind body and soul for I lost my eldest son Benson Jr. 2004,at the age of 26 year old,it was a violent death (murdered)he encountered where there was no justice at all, He dead on board of a ship where work it was in Durban South Africa,God has showed me to be in this apostolate,for I need prayers for his death,I shared this to my friends so that they may able to share this beautiful apostolate to their friends and relatives.I am happy to be a member of FOSS.God bless to all...mary l. sumalinog

  6. God Bless Ben and all those who particpate in the running of FOSS. The timely reminders we get and the little gems we share along the way being members of FOSS.

    From little acorns.................

    Well done guys and thank you.

    Pete Hilz (UK)

  7. Oh how I love the Holy Souls and feel very priviledged to be part FOSS. Many times the Holy Souls have helped me and I cannot thank them enough. I feel priviledged to be able to help them with Masses. And I'm thankful to Foss that when I die someone will be praying for me a Past Member. God Bless you all!!
    Martina, Melbourne, Australia

  8. I love to pray for the poor souls in purgatory. They in turn will always be there for us in all things, especially at the moment of our death.

  9. In Erie, PA my husband and I belong to the Purgatorial Society at St. Joseph's Church. We have a Mass said every Monday evening (7-8:30) with Adoration, Rosary, Mercy of God Chaplet, the Litany for the Souls and our promise to say two rosaries a week for the Souls and have two Masses a year for the same. The first Mon. is for deceased parents and grandparents. The second monday is for relatives, friends and benefactors. The third is for deceased Bishops, Priests and Deacons and the fourth Monday is for ALL the Souls in Purgatory. The last Friday of every month is for the Holy Souls. Fr. Wright says these Masses. In addition to these Masses,the collection he gets is sent to Seraphic Mass Assoc. in Pittsburgh for the Souls in Purgatory. I also belong to FOSS and participate in that. Joan

  10. I came across the FOSS website by chance and I'm so glad I did! I've prayed and enrolled dec'd. friends, family thruout the yrs. from the individual religious organizations I hear from prior to all souls Day! But; as I will continue tod do so with those, I highly treasure the FOSS! I've enrolled 3 dec'd. Family and one Angel-so far; of course- me9living0.
    Please think of joining and passing this IMP on!


  11. I am michael i haven't been a member that long.
    I would like to say i came across foss by accident but i believe the holy souls led me here.
    I had an experience 3 years ago i in my doubt asked our holy mother mary to give me a sign that praying for the holy souls was the right thing or if i should even continue, within a week i got wrongly arrested by the police and was put in a police cell, lying in the cell feeling sorry for myself when suddenly the flap on the police cell door opened, and a policeman handed me a book and said it was handed in by my brother as he felt i may need something to read, it was a book on the holy souls.
    you see i was in captivity just praying for someone to help me to get me out i had my answer from our holy mother, my children are in prison and need your help to get them released i had my sign.
    michael coyle
    glasgow scotland

  12. As an aid for people wishing to access FOSS:
    Search for knocknovena
    Jean-Marc, CANADA

  13. The actual link is
    www dot knocknovena dot com/

  14. I am forever grateful for a dear friend, Mary S. for telling me about FOSS. I immediately enrolled all my family and friends, both deceased and living. I have learned to love the holy souls and I am now directing all my efforts in recruiting friends to pray for the holy souls in Purgatory. It is profitable to pray for their release and in turn, receive the countless benefits of their prayers which matters most in eternity.
    Rosario Belviz

  15. Since my husband passed away in 2008 and received a visit from him, I have realized the importance of praying for the holy souls and the immense comfort they have brought into my life. I enrolled family members both deceased and living and am planning to enroll friends too. I love the holy souls and know how much they beg for our prayers and the importance of thinking of our own immortal soul!


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