Thursday, July 15, 2010

Some of the staff at St Peter's

On Tuesday I attended my first 'staff' meeting, regular meetings of those who are involved in ministry here in the parish. Afterwards we went out for a bite to eat at the Union Grill on 1651 S. Front Street. In the photo:

Martha (our cook and housekeeper), Father Dan Moll (who will be going to Rome in August to commence three years of study in Canon Law),
members of the Religious Education team: Jenny Lochner (Middle School Coordinator), Dustin Katona (Life Teen), Katie Flaherty (Faith Formation Coordinator),
Lynn Bertucci (Parish Secretary), Father Michael Steber (Pastor).

Some of the people I have the pleasure of getting to know and work with.


  1. Would appreciate it if 'Hippolytus' could give me some means of contacting, or if he could contact me jboyle1502 at gmail dot com.

  2. Okay. In the minds of most Americans who haven't been to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we gather they do things different up there, what with moose for neighbors etc. And your picture proves the point. I know why the ketchup is upside-down. No brainer why that is so. BUT - the cap on the Mustard dispenser is clearly "up" [which is usually the case] BUT the label on the bottle is "down" which means that it should be "up" which means that the cap should be at the bottom. Which means you or Fr. Peter likely replaced it "wrong." :-D That or someone was in a foul temper at the factory. My head hurts. Probably something to do with the fact that I absentmindedly stuck my contact lens in my left eye this morning WITH not the conditioner...but the cleaner. 12 hours later my eye still smarts. BUT if you or any of your readers needs a cheap, easy, available, no license required, substitute for MACE ... use a bottle of UPS concentrated contact lens cleaner and use a water pistol. IT would drop an elephant, much less a mugger. I wanted to scream but was afraid I couldn't stop. Might come in handy if you run into any unhappy moose up there.

  3. Okay, Fr. Michael. But you knew who I meant. Not my fault he looks like a "Fr. Peter."


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