Friday, July 30, 2010

Slovenian Quintet visits Marquette

The Slovenian choir 'Kvintet Slomsek' are touring North America and spent two nights here in Marquette. They came here to honour their fellow countryman and missionary to the Native Americans Bishop Baraga who is buried in the crypt of St Peter's Cathedral. As mentioned elsewhere, his cause for beatification is proceeding in Rome.

Yesterday they celebrated Mass in the crypt.

In the photo above: Father Igor Novak and Father Matjaz Rotar of the archdiocese of Maribor, Slovenia, together with other members of the Quintet (the tallest is a seminarian) and two parishioners of the Cathedral who have been very much involved with the cause of Bishop Baraga.

This morning they gave me a leaflet about the new church they have built in honour of Blessed Bishop Anton Martin Slomsek after whom their quintet is named and who was a great friend of Bishop Baraga. More details here.

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