Thursday, July 29, 2010

Auxiliary Bishop of Baghdad dies.

Aid to the Church in Need reports the death of Bishop Andreas Abouna of Iraq who died Tuesday, 27th July after a lifetime of a ministry to a Church beset by war, oppression and increasing hardship.

Bishop Abouna spent eleven years in Ealing, West London, as priest in charge of the Chaldean and Syrian Catholic Mission. He was made auxiliary bishop of Baghdad just weeks before the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the outbreak of chaos in Iraq, Christians suffering the worst of persecution and violence, with many leaving. But Bishop Abouna stayed and helped his people have hope in the future.

Read more at Aid to the Church in Need.


  1. He was a much loved priest during his time in the UK and when he was told that he will be returning to Iraq just before the 2003 war he went back with out any fuss putting his trust in God.
    A very good man who spent his time being the "Fisher of Men" sad news for us but he is on his way to Heaven so he will for sure be very happy one day soon
    Tim Shamoon

  2. I shared the Holy Sacrifice with Bishop Abouna in London, before and after his episcopal consecration, and found him a lovely, humble and good man. God rest his soul.


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