Friday, July 16, 2010

Abuse of Minors. The Church's Response

Further to my previous post on the topic, I think the Vatican has gone out of its way to put into the public domain in an easily accessible format all the documents concerning this sad affair. Not only are all the canonical documents readily accessible, but all relevant pontifical comments on the matter.

The media now have easy access to all the documents to enable them to honestly assess the Church's response. Even the previously secret Crimen sollicitationis is available in an unofficial (most unusual for the Vatican) English translation.

I hope other bloggers and commentators will now stop barracking the Vatican. Of course, the Vatican presents this resource without spin and the media love spin.

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  1. The continuing uproar (some of openly hysterical) is disturbing and suggests skewed priorities. I just posted at length about the hubbub and asked, "I have to wonder: what really is the priority? Is handling public relations adroitly and jumping through hoops for journalists as important as defending the sacraments?":


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