Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tragedy and Truth

The Media are reporting a tragic accident in Torquay in Cornwall, England.

BBC, Irish Examiner.

A mother and father remain in critical condition after their two year old son died in a head on collision with a car being driven by a man in his 20's believed to be a Polish national who was arrested at the scene of the accident and who also later died in hospital. The media are also reporting the death of their unborn baby. The family are from Cork, Ireland and were on holiday in England.

What a terrible and tragic loss for this young couple (aged 39 and 36).

I am praying for this couple that they will both recover their health and strength and that they might have faith in God during this terrible ordeal. A loss such as this can put a lot of stress on a marriage and so I pray that they may be able to support each other in this very bad time for them.

I am thankful that all the media are referring to the loss of the couple's unborn baby. For that is what the mother was carrying within her: a little baby. This couple will for ever mourn the loss of their baby. Many also mourn the loss of their babies killed by abortion. They are generally not called "babies". One "terminates a pregnancy" but "keeps a baby". This baby was lost through a tragic accident and possibly as a result of the reckless driving of one of the drivers. Millions others are lost through a deliberate act permitted by governments.

We are bound to drive carefully for reckless driving puts not only our own lives at risk but those of others too. We may be responsible for their death, or/and the shattering of their lives.

May the Lord welcome the little children into Paradise, may He have mercy on the driver who died, and grant healing - spiritual and physical - to the husband and wife.


  1. How very sad. I will be praying for their souls.

  2. Yes it really is such a sad story.

  3. yes it really sad story but the polish boy died as well and he left a family and kids

    1. I am very sorry to hear this. More who need our prayers.


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