Saturday, July 7, 2012

Anglican Ordinariates get new Liturgical Texts

The Vatican has given its approval to the Funeral and Marriage Rites to be used in the Personal Ordinariates for former anglicans of the UK, USA and Australia. The texts are based on the Book of Common Prayer. The ritual used at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) last year was beautifully rich in language and content. Perhaps there will be a "mutual enrichment" of the rites currently in use in the English speaking world and these newly approved rites?

From Vatican News.


  1. Yes, the language is rich and dignified in the Anglican services. I've been a few times to various Anglican rites while in England and I've yet to hear 'Kumbaya.' It isn't dumbed down.

  2. This developement, made without any feeling for High Church Anglo Catholics who , since the nineteenth century have worked ceaselessly for unity with The Holy See completely ignores all they have achieved. It puts in place an antiquated liturgy and language that we have not used for years. The people in England have ridden roughshod over the liturgies of the Book of Divine Worship in the USA ( did I hear one of them say "It is too American"? and convinced Rome that Sarum is a founadation stone of English liturgy.
    For many of us this means that The Ordinariate is dead.


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