Monday, April 30, 2012

St Philomena's Catholic School, Carshalton, in gay marriage row

Well, that's how Your Local Guardian puts it. The article is self-explantory.

Some students at this Catholic High School for Girls in Carshalton, Surrey, sported Gay Pride badges in protest at the school's teaching on the nature of marriage and the importance of defending it in the political arena.

We cannot assume that parents and pupils in our Catholic Schools will agree with what our schools are teaching.

Meanwhile, the BBC reports that the Catholic Education Service in the England and Wales is to be investigated after it emerged that the CES wrote to nearly 400 state-funded Roman Catholic schools inviting them to back a petition against gay civil marriage.

As the CES points out, Catholic views on marriage are religious, not political.

Homosexuality is proving to be the current testing of Catholics of their fidelity to the law of God. Upholding the natural law in this matter is not intolerance, and making our views known is taking our place in society. But there are those who are intolerant of that view.

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  1. The school should suspend the pupils. The inconvenienced parents will then teach their children the efficacy of behaving like a Catholic in a Catholic school!


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