Friday, April 20, 2012

Bishop Moth appeals for prayer for vocations to Military Chaplaincy

 Bishop Richard Moth is Bishop of the Forces in Great Britain. He writes:

For the majority of Dioceses in the United Kingdom, prayer for vocations is a key theme of daily Catholic life. The Bishopric of the Forces is no exception. There is a real shortage of chaplains in all three of our Armed Services.
His Pastoral Letter is to be read in service communities. It is a short and succinct Pastoral Letter that would bear reading in all parish communities in Britain. Maybe a priest would feel moved to offer himself for this important ministry. Bishop Moth has asked that this prayer be said:

O Lord Jesus Christ,
instil in the hearts of priests
the desire to dedicate
their lives to you as chaplains
to our Armed Services.
Give them wisdom and strength,
to hear your call.
Give courage and compassion
to those who serve you as Forces Chaplains.
May their hearts be filled
with zeal and love of you
so that your name
may be better known and loved,
for your live and reign
for ever and ever.

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