Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doves and Juncos at the Rectory

Twitching is a new hobby for me. So far, nothing terribly exotic has perched in the garden but I'm using all my charm (and bird seed) to attract them. The deer also like the sunflower seeds!


  1. Hang in there Father! More will come - and more colorful ones - once word gets around.

    My rural neighbor (about a half mile away) always complained that he never got cardinals while we always have them. "Of course, I'm not Catholic", he would explain...

  2. Very much hoping to get some visits from cardinals...

  3. Apparently bears also enjoy sunflower seeds. As for cardinals there seems to be plenty of adviceon the net. It's been ages since I've lived anywhere that had them. I miss hooded orioles in spring.


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