Friday, October 29, 2010

Mobilizing the Clergy for Life - Priests for Life webcast

This webcast hosted by Father Frank Pavone, founder and president of Priests for Life, and featuring Monsignor Michael Mannion from the diocese of Camden, New Jersey, is an example of a great and encouraging initiative for priests.

Msgr Mannion speaks very eloquently from his years of experience in dealing with post abortion individuals about the need for love and compassion and for an integral pro-life attitude in every parish. Much as Dana Richards of the Marquette Care Clinic stated to the students at the NMU Campus Ministry on Wednesday we need to offer every support and assistance to those who find themselves with an unexpected pregnancy or who are facing difficult economic or other personal circumstances that could push them towards considering abortion, together with the assurance of ongoing support after the birth.

Msgr Mannion gives practical advice for priests in how to approach the subject of abortion in a homily and how to deal with a penitent.

The webcast lasts for about 45 minutes. Listen here.

Msgr Mannion on Post-Abortion Healing: Who We Are is How We Heal.

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