Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marquette Catholic Campus Ministry Evening

This evening I joined students of the Northern Michigan University for their Wednesday evening meeting.

After supper, Dana Richards, director of volunteer services at the Marquette Care Clinic was joined by Melinda Britten who gave personal testimony of abortion experience and the help the Care Clinic gave her post-abortion and how she was led to healing through conversion to Christ.

Melinda is now married and her husband Philip was also present with their little daughter (pictured at the top of this post). They found out yesterday that they are now expecting their second child.

The testimony was followed by very interesting questions and contributions from a number of the students. Not all of them are Catholic.

Here's a really cool tee shirt worn by Luke:

And a group photo afterwards.

The reason I ended up with this great group of youngsters is that I was asked to fill in for Father Ben Haasse who normally leads some study of the followin Sunday's Mass readings which followed for a small group after Dana and Melinda's testimony.

UPDATE: You can find Melinda's testimony at Marquette Care Clinic's facebook page.

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