Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Mass, Old and New

I have just seen Damian Thompson's blog post about the attempts by Scottish Liturgists to block the use of James MacMillan's composition at the Papal Mass in Bellahouston Park. See MacMillan's Daily Telegraph blog post: How trendy 'liturgists' tried to stop my Mass being performed for the Pope.

The two pictures Thompson uses on his blog are quite funny but they illustrate what I have just experienced earlier this evening at the Northern Michigan University Catholic Campus meeting.
An old-style Mass before the papal reforms...

... and the updated style of liturgy favoured by younger catholics.

After our study of the Sunday readings, the students themselves mentioned that they had heard that the 'Tridentine' Mass was to be introduced at St Peter's Cathedral here at Marquette. They all expressed excitement about the prospect and said how young people want to know more about the tradition of the Church.

I am reminded of a very wise reply a priest-friend of mine made to a suggestion by an older religious sister (one of those whose orders are sadly dying out, who do not wear a habit and who live in their own apartments rather than in community) that he was somewhat conservative. 'Oh no, Sister, I don't think I could be described as conservative - what is there to conserve of the modern church?' Hoots of laughter around the table. (Please, please, I hope readers have a sense of humour - the priest in question is an extremely well qualified canonist, is a parish priest who looks after more than one parish church, celebrates Mass in both Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms, incorporating the improvements of Pope Benedict XVI in the former.)

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  1. Is there anyone in particular you know who has been celebrating the EF Mass in the area consistently for those wanting to attend? It pays to advertise. I bet if people looked really hard they might find a Mass or two of this type.... :-D


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