Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Those rose tinted glasses...

Just get rosier. Here's an advert we saw by a Michigan state highway last week:

Such an ad would be inconceivable in the UK.


  1. Never? Not even once? Here we do see things like this but not often enough to suit me. But I do see plenty of bumper stickers expressing the same, I have to say.

  2. You are right Father,

    Such an ad would not appear in the UK. And we need to ask: Why?

    Is it because the pro-life lobby is just not getting its message through effectively enough?

    Could the Church (Catholic as well as other denominations) do more to help the message get through?

    Or is it perhaps that we've become a Godless society which turns a deaf ear to whatever the Church and its leaders have to say?

    In summary: Is Christianity in retreat in the UK?


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