Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Priests must be joyful

Zat is und order! Sorry. But seriously, Pope Benedict has said that priests must be joyful in a video message to priests attending an internation retreat for priests at Ars for the international year of priests.

Zenit reports:

"The priest, man of the divine Word and of sacred things, must be today, more than ever, a man of joy and hope," the Holy Father affirmed. "To men who can no longer conceive that God is pure Love, he will always affirm that life is worth living, and that Christ gives it all its meaning because he loves men, all men."

The Pontiff said the patron of parish priests had a "religion of joy," not a "morbid seeking of mortification, as sometimes has been believed."

In that regard, he cited one of St. John Vianney's sayings: "Our happiness is too great, no, no, we will never be able to understand it."

I'll try and smile tomorrow! Translation of the Pope's message here.

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  1. Well, you ought to be happy, God chose you to be His vessel by whom the power of the Holy Spirit works in order to manifest God made present on the altar!

    And if you do it right, you're the first one barbarians come to hunt for martyrdom, which given the present governments of our respective countries won't be too long if they keep down the path they're on. [okay, that was gloomy, but I expect a martyrdom for the faith wipes out a whole lot of other "bad hair days" for not smiling.]

    As far as smiling goes, this songhas always done the trick for me.


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